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Why Attwill Medical?

  • Facilities and process control systems.
  • Cost effective and time efficient.
  • A focus on you.
Attwill Medical Solutions is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 Certified


William Jackson
Managing Partner / CFO
William Jackson is co-founder, CEO and CFO of ATTWILL Vascular Technologies LP the parent entity for ATTWILL Medical Solutions, he has been involved in the medical device industry for over 25 years. William co-founded Preferred Medical Products a company that was sold to Ballard Medical a Tyco company. After leaving Preferred Medical Products, William worked for medical device leaders Karl Stortz and Stryker where he was a top producer for both companies. William left Stryker to co-found Covalon Technologies a spinout from University of Toronto listed on TSXV. William was co-founder of Synergist a company that subsequently became Titan medical a TSXV medical robotics. Bill is highly talented at listening to your ideas and making them happen for you. Whatever the project he can help you find a solution that will work and exceed your expectations.
Attilio DiFiore
Managing Partner / COO / R & D
Attilio Di Fiore, President, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of ATTWILL Vascular Technologies LP the parent entity for ATTWILL Medical Solutions. Attilio brings over 25 years of medical device design, development, manufacturing, and regulatory experience to ATTWILL Medical. He has acted as consulting expert and/or team leader, as required, for a number of medical device manufacturers, biomaterial manufacturers and biological test facilities across the U.S. and Canada. Attilio has a B.Sc. in Biological Science (Molecular Biology) and a B.Sc. Eng. in Biological Engineering (Biomedical). Prior to co-founding ATTWILL, Attilio was the Program Manager of the Applied Research and Technology Team at Bard Access Systems (a division of CR BARD). Attilio is named as primary inventor on 18 patents/applications, has published articles in the vascular arena, and has presented at a number of medical and scientific conventions. He is an acknowledged innovator in the vascular device industry, and is respected for his expertise in the areas of infection control, thrombosis, in-vitro and in-vivo model design and biomaterial applications.
Angus Jackson
Director of Business Development & Acquisitions
Angus Jackson graduated from Syracuse University B.A. 2014, University of Georgia Law JD 2017 and Duke University LLM in Law & Entrepreneurship 2018. Angus is very talented and happy to help you make all your project ideas a success. He can make big ideas a reality and looks forward to helping your company achieve it's full potential.

Melissa Robbins
Director of Quality
Melissa Robbins has her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater in Biology, and her Masters Degree from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington in Chemistry. Melissa has experience doing Method Development, Cell Culture, Animal Studies, and Wet Chemistry Assays. She has worked with major Pharmaceutical Companies doing method stability work. She has several years experience in Quality Assurance covering foods, cosmetics and medical devices.

Korey Klagos
Process Development
Korey Klagos graduated from MATC with a Degree as Associate of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology in 1998. Reported to Director of Operations at a specialty biopharmaceutical company for 15 years and was responsible for the procurement, start-up / scale-up of new and existing raw material suppliers, continuous quality and regulatory compliance, continuous yield investigation and improvement projects, operations assistance, logistics assistance, supplier audits and contract negotiations.
Rebecca Hill
Customer Integration Manager
Rebecca has her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Wisconsin Stout in Industrial Technology and Graphic Arts Management and over 20 years experience in Project Management, Sales and Customer Service in an Industrial setting. I look forward to helping you to manage your projects, and making your experience with us seamless and easy every step of the way.
Sue Dolphin
Logistics Manager
Sue Dolphin is ATTWILL's Logistics Manager and a wizard at getting everything out the door as soon as it's ready. ATTWILL has cGMP compliant shipping and receiving facilities for grams to tons.
Sue makes sure all products have complete documentation and traceability of materials and products from purchase order through shipping.